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A Homemade Taste of Thai

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Now that I have the art of tofu down to a science, I wanted to try a new art-rolling fresh spring rolls. At Pad Thai Cafe, I ALWAYS order the fresh spring rolls. They're beautiful, fresh, and an excellent dish! I love to cook, and I really wanted to try and recreate my favorite at home.

Of course, I turned to my go-to, YouTube, and found a ton of information. See below for how I made these fresh, gluten-free, vegan spring rolls!

Rice paper was not hard to find. They even sell it at the Food Lion here in Shelbyville. Wet the rice paper sheet just enough and lay it on a damp towel. Fill with whatever veggies you like!

Add some breaded and baked tofu on the side for "nuggets" with your favorite dipping sauce.




-Red cabbage

-Green onion


-Sweet pepper

-Stick of baked tofu

Dipping Sauce:

-Cashew butter

-Sriracha oil

-Chili crispers

Give it a try! It's fun to learn new techniques! -SMO

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