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In The Moment

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Behind me sweating away lost in a harmonica solo at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan (one of my favorite bars by the way), is Keith-a BEAST of a drummer and one of the most professional tour managers in the industry. He's been with me for the past several years.

I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the coolest, and by far, hardest working musicians during my career. Many artists, musicians, and industry gurus have had my back both on and off stage for decades. Orig the DJ believed in me enough to grow hometown SMO all the way to a tv show! Travis Tidwell, the guitar thrasher, was by my side as we traveled state-to-state. Haden Carpenter's writing and voice have such soul forever stamped in the brand. Who can forget the hypeman skills like Pecos Bill lassoing a tornado, Alexander King, with the energy to get any crowd going! Countless others have been by my side. I hope through the blogs to eventually be able to speak blessing of gratitude to all of those on my journey. If you are one, I thank you for your love and support on my musical path. We are all like family.

Keith has been by my side after I've had to adapt to an ever-changing music world. The industry isn't what it once was and financially, some changes unfortunately were inevitable. Quite frankly at times, necessary to make ends meet.

Keith and I have been in some tricky situations on the road. He's been a solid guy and I wish him well on his new journey in life.

I'm thankful to all the others and am happy to hear they too are doing well on their solo endeavors. I also give thanks for the faith my family and friends had in me during the uncertain times, and I appreciate your prevailing support as we enter every day into more unknown.

By the way, that's me CRUSHING it on the harmonica!-SMO

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