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Momma Smo's Sun Drop Cake Overnight Oats

Hey there, Kinfoke! You now have a week’s worth of overnight oats recipes, but we ain’t done! Here’s a take on an old classic, the Southern Sun Drop Cake. Did you know Sun Drop claims that it's made with orange juice? I never knew that! I have always loved the refreshing citrus taste of Sun Drop, and Sun Drop cake was always a welcome treat. Now you can have the refreshing sweetness in a healthy overnight oats recipe. We have found oats are an excellent way to fuel for our workouts. Overnight oats are easy because they require no cooking, very little prep, and you can create so many flavors.

Sun Drop Cake Overnight Oats are the perfect way to get a good dose of Vitamin C in your breakfast. The orange, lemon, and lime juices add sweetness and the zest from the fruit adds great color and texture. Mix your gluten free oats with juice and zest from an orange, lemon, and lime, along with shredded coconut, banana milk (click here for that recipe), and maple syrup. Try other add-ins like hemp seeds, hemp butter, sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Adjust your ingredients depending on your needs. SB and I typically have the suggested serving of oats plus all the toppings, but make yours depending on your caloric requirements. Overnight oats are great for breakfast or even a meal on the go. We love to take our oats along in the morning when we go to the gym!

Be sure to message the chat button and let me know what you think of this recipe!

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