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Becoming Supernatural

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I have opened myself to a future of pure happiness through positive energy. For this reason, we are redirecting our focus to the website so we can continue to share our lives, opinions, and beliefs on our own platform. Positive vibes only.

Welcome Home, Kinfoke!

Without a shadow of a doubt, we can all agree that this past year was full of surprises. Definitely full of its own ups and downs, Sara Beth and I have decided to take this time at home to grow and live as greatly to the fullest as we can. We dedicated ourselves to cultivating our love and through loving ourselves, we have found the greatest gift our Creator has given us-our existence. Through this dance of life, we are learning to get back up after our stumbles and to experience the greatest treasures of our creation. We have stepped away from common, public, social platforms to grow ourselves here organically for you. We want to get back to our grassroots, and find a simpler way to be ourselves and share our lives.

Please join us on our journey back to the good ol' days of .coms and blogs, and we promise to share our story with you along the way.

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