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Hey Kinfoke! I'm so excited for you to check out this video.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think! Subscribe and share it with someone you love!

Thank you to everyone who made this song possible.

Cowritten with David Ray Stevens

Production by Josh Bright

Video by Axtion

Farm by Jason "Duck" Barber

Artwork by Sneed

Thank you to Boro Bowls for allowing us to film


SMO "date outfit"& rooftop scene-Buckle of Murfreesboro

SB "date outift"-Walmart

SMO and SB farm outfit-Buckle of Murfreesboro and Farm Boy apparel

SMO barn performance-Buckle of Murfreesboro Shirt-French's of Murfreesboro

Cows-Sheila, Old Lady, Bubba


Cat-Miss Pretty

While you're at it...

Be sure to check out SB The Queen's New Debut Solo Country Release!

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