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2022 Recap!-Country'ish & Ganja Man

What's up Kinfoke! This week I'm bringing you a recap of the songs released this year! Add them to your New Year's Playlist and keep 'em on repeat!

It's been quite a year, Kinfoke! One thing is for sure, I've gotten to hang out with a lot of cool people! A special thanks to my friends in the cannabis scene for always holding down the party.

Just a picture of me and this crazy guy at the Cowboy Cup in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Let's kick off this 2022 Recap with the animated music video for Country'ish with my young homie Hugh Glass from Oklahoma.

Can't get enough songs about sinsemilla? Check out Ganja Man with my guy Stoney Banks!

Check back tomorrow for more songs from 2022!

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