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2022 Recap-Clap Yo Hands & Jacked Up

Kinfoke! 2022 is almost over and I've got two more songs lined up for you! Over the years I've become really good friends with my brother Nitty Gritty GR. We have had a blast making music videos and collaborating this year. Clap Yo Hands is a definitely one of the most fun videos I've ever been a part of. We had a great time with the J Creek Cloggers and The Dancin' Boss who made all of the choreography come true. Along with PaPa Fresh as the referee on the talk box, the video really has something for everyone!

Nitty Gritty GR and me at the famous Stompin' Ground.

Be sure to give Nitty Gritty GR, Pa Pa Fresh, J Creek Cloggers, and The Dancin' Boss a follow!

A great song to jam along with Clap Yo Hands is from an up-and-coming artist who goes by 6B.Low. This time Pa Pa Fresh joins in with a verse and I jump on the track to bring you Jacked Up.

Kinfoke, make sure you check out 6B.Low and all the other artists I'm working with!

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