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2022 Recap-Tell Me Why & Country Tough

What's up, Kinfoke! The next song I have for you is with my good friend Rare of Breed. You may remember when we teamed up awhile back to bring you God Knows. This year, we dropped Tell Me Why and the response has been overwhelming. We even got to perform it together at a show in Sparta, Tennessee.

Don't follow Rare of Breed yet? Go check him out!

The video for Tell Me Why was shot here on the farm. We had a great time getting back together and shooting another video here.

A song that goes great with Tell Me Why is a song called Country Tough released by my guys at Burn County and my boy Wade B.

Me and Wade B in Maine in a thunderstorm!

Soundcheck with Wade B in Jacksonville, Florida at Beer, Boots, & BBQ!

Country Tough is a really cool track to me. I love the arrangement. It was a pleasure working with my guy Wade B as always. Much love to Burn County for the opportunity. I think the record turned out fire.

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