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2022 Recap-Turn It Up & OooWee

What's up, Kinfoke! Today I'm bringing you two more tracks from 2022! The first is Turn It Up with Skeatur Jones. We took this picture right outside of Music City's very own Nashville Palace.

Check out Turn It Up with me and Skeatur Jones.

The next record is one of my favorites from this year. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the songs I put out in 2022, but Oowee just has something special. I partnered up with an old friend of my Stunt The Boss from Murfreesboro. We had so much fun with Fan Appreciation back in 2016 that we couldn't wait to release another. It took a little time, but we finally are out with another track.

If you like Ooowee be sure to check out Fan Appreciation.

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