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A Koozie or Two!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Happy Thursday, Kinfoke! Today's Merch Alert spotlights the Kinfoke Koozies. The orange design is a lighter koozie, a perfect fit for any can or bottle. The brown Kinfoke koozie is made of scuba material for a snug and water resistant fit. Both make a perfect gift for any SMO fan in your life. Perfect for keeping your hand dry and your drink chilly!

Pick up a couple for your Kinfoke!

I have a serious question. Do you call it a "huggie" or a "koozie"?

Let me know what you call it in your neck of the woods by leaving a comment below!


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1 Comment

Darcy Johnson
Darcy Johnson
Jan 20, 2022

They’re koozies!!!

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