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A Labor of Love-A Word from the Editor

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Hello, Kinfoke! SB here. SMO let me take over the blog for the day to tell you a bit more about the book. The whole process for writing the book started back in early 2017. It took over two years of countless interviews to finally create a manuscript over 500 pages. While I'm sure you would LOVE to know every detail about SMO's life, I really didn't imagine many people would want to read a ten pound book. Together, SMO and I took the manuscript he and Jake Brown created and trimmed it down to the most important details. SMO wanted everyone to know about his childhood. He loved cows (and still does) and his time on the creek. Those moments molded him into the good ol' country boy he is at heart. A look into his teenage years explains SMO's inspiration for becoming a rapper. Few people know that a run-in with the law in his early years got him on the path to poetry. Parts II and III of the book detail his twenties and thirties-becoming a dad, having a tv show, and touring all over the place. Don't worry! There are tons of pictures to enjoy! A bonus feature at the end includes stories submitted by some of you, SMO's very own KINFOKE! If you haven't gotten the book yet, what are you waiting for?! Available now on SMO* Mart. (See below for link.)

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