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Art Imitates Life

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Boy oh boy, I just turned 45 and life has not slowed down one bit! I was looking at this photo taken by my mama (way back before she was "Mama SMO") when we lived in San Diego, California years ago. Thinking how crazy life happens, sometimes it feels as though it never even went down! I love that this photo became the album artwork for my 2019 release, This One’s For You. It reminds me to never forget the young boy peeking out from the window-always into something, never wanting to miss a single thang! I see this innocent boy without a worry in the world, simple and young, and I envy his joy seemingly untouched by the poisons of the stresses weighing on our weary souls. He's inside of each of us. We all have our younger selves-our pure, true selves calling us to the light.

I cherish that boy and love him today more than he will ever know. He's me, before I became who you now know me as today. I love sharing him with you to represent my art, I am grateful to you for loving my whole me-this little one and who you know now.


Photo taken by Mary Jane Smith, circa 1979 in San Diego, California. They lived in Imperial Beach on Lauden Lane. She claims to have been trying to get her yard work done because Carl was more than likely away with the Navy. I cannot imagine how this cute little guy ever let her get a thing done!! According to Mama SMO, he was into everything! For more about his early life and becoming SMO, be sure to check out the autobiography My Life in a Jar: The Book of SMO available for purchase on SMO*Mart. -SB

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