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Bringin' It Home

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Happy Monday, Kinfoke! Have you checked out the EP Bringin' It Home yet? This EP was released in June 2015, and even though it's over five years old, a lot of people still haven't heard it. One of my absolute favorite records on the EP is Redneck's Got It Right featuring my good friend Haden Carpenter. If you've ever heard Redneck Rich, imagine Redneck's Got It Right as it's upbeat brother. It'll have you clapping your hands and nodding your head.

-The EP cover art is a photo of a hero from my hometown, Matt Doak.

Another track I love on the EP is Kuntry Folk. Remember the old hit Cotton Eye Joe? Kuntry Folk is a guarantee dance hit for all my kinfoke that love to shake a leg. Even though it's hard to choose favorites because I loved making every song on the EP, I would definitely say that Rebel Road is also one of my favorites, especially because making the video was a blast. If you're looking for some new music, but haven't checked out Bringin' It Home, I highly recommend it. Have a great week kinfoke! And thanks for visiting the website. It's readers like you that are really bringin' it home!

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