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Like my Momma's Breakfast Bowl...

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Small Town has been out nearly a week! I'm so excited for all of the wonderful feedback. Thanks for checking it out! I want to tell you about this particular scene from the video. Keep scrolling past the pic for more!

For the music video, there were a handful of scenes I knew I had to capture and this one was it! I wanted to include the main ladies in my life, Momma, Ameria, Lanica, and my wife Sara Beth. SB made the pies (you can find the recipe in an earlier post) and man what a treat. This particular scene was shot when we had been up and going since daybreak getting ready to film and this is the first time SB and I had sat down to eat since breakfast early that morning. It was so nice to take a load off in the middle of a shoot and just hang out with my girls. Ameria and Lanica put their former tv skills to work and got the entire shot set. They decorated the scene and made sure everything was ready so all we had to do was show up and wait for "action!" and man, what a great job the girls did. I'm proud of them every day.

A lot of people ask how the girls are doing! Ameria is graduated from college and working full time at a job she really enjoys. Lanica is in college and working non-stop. I'm so proud of both of them! As you can see, Momma SMO has gotten a bit older, but she's still the same spitfire ready to roll kinda woman she's always been. I love her dearly.

The tray was created by a guy in Shelbyville for mine and Sara Beth's wedding anniversary on November 6th, 2019. It is so beautiful and perfect for serving pie.

We wanted to be sure to showcase the autobiography which is full of photos of all things SMO over the years. If you haven't gotten your copy, check SMO*Mart!

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