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Momma SMO & Me

Hey there Kinfoke! Happy Hump Day! I wanted to share this little gem of a photo with you today and hope maybe it'll brighten your day as much as it does mine! SB took this pic of me and Momma on Mother's Day. We got to spend some time with Mary Jane and have a nice meal and catch up! I'm lucky Momma SMO is just right down the road so I can pop in any time for a hang.

Mary Jane likes spending her time sitting on the porch looking at the magnolia blooms, playing fierce card games with the girls, and of course, BINGO! So many of you ask about my momma, so I wanted to let you see how great she's looking these days. We are all happy and healthy, thank the Lord.

Mary Jane hung up her hat on her cooking days, but you better believe she's still selling the fire out of her cookbooks. Wanna get your hands on a copy of Momma SMO's Cookbook? Head on over to SMO*Mart and getchya one! Just click below to start shopping.

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