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Say Hey to Stoney Banks!

Hey there, Kinfoke! Today, I bring you Stoney Banks! While cruising Instagram awhile back, I stumbled into Stoney and loved his sound. I got to see him live at the Cowboy Cup in Tulsa and he killed. I'm excited to have him joining us on the Kinfoke Tour.

"Raised and based in Nashville, TN, Stoney Banks is pioneering the Country Reggae landscape. Raised up on equal parts Sublime and Hank Williams, the Stoney Banks project is a blend of multiple genres but rooted in feel-good melodies and warm riffs. Stoney Banks released his debut EP, Sunburnt and Baked, on April of 2020. The EP consists of 8 original tracks that will leave you wanting more reggae country."

Check out the video for Way Home on YouTube now.

Keep scrolling for Stoney's Spotify link!

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