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Shopping with SMO

Hey there Kinfoke! It's the kickoff to a long weekend and if you're anything like me, you're looking forward to the time at home hanging out relaxing with my closest Kinfoke taking it easy. Of course we will probably find something to get into, but typically the weekend is when we do our grocery shopping. You can find us most early Sunday mornings enjoying a grocery shopping date. I've been overjoyed at the overwhelming support you've given me since I've started sharing my healthy journey. Some of you have asked for a shopping list. Scroll down for a pic and click the file to download a grocery list for yourself.

To get a case of celery, we introduced ourselves to the produce manager and let him know we juice A LOT! He orders an extra case for us so that we don't have to make so many trips to town.

Download PDF • 78KB

SB and I shop for the two of us and typically can make it through a whole week. We try not to buy too many things at once because it spoils, but we like to get our groceries in Murfreesboro (shoutout to Innsbrooke Kroger!) and at Sprouts. We try to plan our grocery trip around studio sessions and trips to Nashville for meetings.

Buy accordingly for your family size and remember that fresh produce can spoil quickly because it's not full of preservatives. Be sure to wash your produce!

Click below to check out the washable and reusable produce and shopping bags we use.

Hate all the extra plastic use?

Do your part and get yourself some reusable produce bags along with some shopping bags. It's way easier to transport your fruits and veggies and they won't tip over in the car.

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