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Sinkin'-The Lyric Video

Hey there, Kinfoke! Happy Friday! I'm back with my guy Stoney Banks to bring you the new lyric music video for Sinkin'. The idea for this song came to me when I was on vacation with my in-laws. We had so much fun at the Isle of Palms in South Carolina back in October. I got to chatting poolside with my brother-in-law about how to write a song and next thing I knew I was singing Sinkin' the whole way back home to Tennesssee.

I got back to the farm, got together with Stoney and we wrapped up Sinkin' and put a bow on it! It's one of my favorite summer drinkin' songs.

We have got a few more weeks of summer left. Crank it up and jam Kinfoke!

Remember, "if it ain't about lovin' life, it don't mean shit tonight!"

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