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So Long, 2021!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

It's been a great year, Kinfoke! We have had some definite ups and downs and big changes this year. I'm blessed that Momma SMO is healthy after a few little health scares this year. She's doing better than ever and ready for 2022! The girls are living with me again, which is an absolute joy! We are having so much fun being all together as "roommates". SB and I are working on the bus, yes still, yet slowly but surely, we are getting closer every day to our life on the road in the big blue bus, Jim.

*Photo from 2018 NYE

2022 will begin my third year on my vegan journey. It has been so exciting to see all the wonderful health changes I've experienced following such a remarkable lifestyle change.

This year I have new goals for my health, both physically and mentally. I've been going to the gym more and I'm taking my fitness goals very seriously. Cardio and strength training keep me in tip top shape to go back on the road performing-something I hope to do again!

In January, I will be leaving Instagram and Facebook. I'm looking for a reprieve from all of the distraction so that I can devote more time here on the webpage.

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Hang in there and make the most of the next couple of days of 2021!

Have a Happy New Year, Kinfoke!

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