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Welcome, Wade B

What's up, Kinfoke! I want to introduce you to a brother of mine called Wade B from Jacksonville, Florida. We have been working together to plan to bring to you a live musical experience like none other. Keep reading to check out more about Wade B.

Wade Lee Berry better known by his stage name, Wade B, was born on the westside of Jacksonville,FL, who grew up in a blue collar family listening and appreciating all genres of music.

His father introduced him to southern rock and classic country at an early age, while his mother enjoyed everything from 80's pop to 50's early rock and roll. It wasn't until later on into his teenage years that Wade got interested in making music for himself.

He ran into a childhood friend who was already an established musician around the city, who then took Wade to the studio one day and the rest was history.

He began writing and recording everyday and eventually created his debut album "Here Comes Trouble" which was released in July of 2010. The release allowed Wade to gain the momentum and attention he needed to begin his career. He began to travel and continued releasing mixtapes and albums as his fan base began to grow throughout the south.

His unique style of hip hop, rock, and country, combined with his honest lyrics, seem to speak for the working class people of the world. Wade’s last album, When It’s Real, helped him gain national attention and has given him the momentum he needs to become a household name.

He is currently recording and releasing new music, while touring across the country. Keep a close eye on Wade, and the movement he has created. He’s not going anywhere...anytime soon.

Check out more Wade B here on Spotify!

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