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2022-Soup's On!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The New Year is here! Happy 2022! If you're new to the blog, I am so happy you're here!

One of my resolutions included a much needed break from social media. So much of being SMO requires me to use Instagram and Facebook for sharing my content, but after YEARS of being on social media...hello MYSPACE! I've decided it's time to step away and enjoy the real world.

If you've been here before, thanks for coming back! Over this next year, I'm going to be pouring my energy into creating content and sharing everything with you whether its new music, life on the farm, recipes, & more! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter and share with your Kinfoke!

Here's a recipe for the newest soup I've made:

Soup Season is my favorite season! Perfect anytime of day, this soup will feed a huge family for a few days! It'll get better every time you heat it up!

-1 white onion chopped

-4 garlic cloves

-3 green onions

-1 cup of finely chopped leeks (if you don't eat leeks, you should give them a try!)

-1 chopped jalapeno

- 1 chopped sweet pepper (whole whole large bell or a handful of the mini sweets)

-2 stalks of celery

-1/2 bushel of asparagus

-4 whole carrots chopped

-bag of fingerling potatoes (quartered and roasted on 450 degrees for 20 minutes)

-carton of baby bella mushrooms (quartered and roasted with potatoes same temp & time)

-bag of frozen okra (couldn't find fresh)

-1/2 bag of frozen peas (couldn't find fresh)

-3 crowns of broccoli chopped in florets

-6 oz of green beans (cut the ends off and cut to desired length)

-1 tablespoon of Bragg's Amino Acids

-1 tablespoon of Coconut Aminos

-1 tablespoon of pepper

-1 tablespoon of of salt

-1 tsp of Chinese spice

-Pinch of fresh thyme

-6 chopped Basil leaves

-Kettle & Fire broth (two cartons)

Prep the potatoes and mushrooms by quartering them and placing them on a baking tray with parchment paper for 20 minutes at 450 degrees. While those roast, you can work on the rest.

With the biggest pot you have, on medium heat with just a tiny bit of oil (less than a tablespoon), coat the bottom of the pan and start with your aromatics-onion, then garlic, celery, carrot, and if you have frozen veggies, you can heat them up now too! Add all the veggies to the pot along with the broth and seasoning and spices. Add in the potatoes and mushrooms when they're good and roasted. After you have everything in the pot, let it simmer on low until everything is tender and you're ready to enjoy!


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