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BEAR Necessities

Last year I was contacted by a Michigan artist for a feature. Like always, I do my homework before co-signing anybody and most of the time there are red flags you gotta look out for. You can expect the streets to talk loud enough on most folks, but some people are slightly more underground than you would expect. I had not heard of @IAMBEAR810 and for me to be in the absolute dark about an artist is rare. We spoke on past, present, and future aspirations, and found some of our goals were aligned, so I decided to give him a shot. Man, was I ever in for a shocker! This guy was not only a dope lyricist ,but a very talented rapper as well. Rhyming words ain't hard. We have all done it since we were kids, but this guy had genuine delivery and was a dexterous wordsmith. His tone, which oddly reminds me of my good friend Ralph Hollandsworth aka Mr. Sneed, sounds like "war on your front door", yet his content has an enlightened side to it. Later he revealed to me that he was a practicing Shaman. Now everything was starting to make more sense. This man is an actual spiritual mystic. Don't get me wrong, BEAR goes hard on a lot of his music, but overall there is healing in his message. He leaked a track to me called Angels Cry that made me really reflect on some of my own personal battles. So, if you are looking for some "real music" and possibly a guided meditation, give my guy @IAMBEAR810 a listen and see if his Shamanistic ways find your third eye and both ears. ~ Namaste -SMO


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