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Been Farming Long?

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Our life dream turned goal is to operate a full time cannabis grow. We love plants. Of all kinds! Back in 2018, SB and I went to visit our very dear friend Hopper out in California. We spent the whole day at the operation, harvesting, hanging, and trimming.

SB studied agriculture at MTSU, so being on the farm was like home for her. We both jumped in head first and had a great time. We loved working at the grow and decided we want to give it a try! Over the next few years, we have traveled to Oklahoma, Colorado, and Michigan to learn as much as we can. We believe in the healing powers of the plant and advocate for the legal medicinal consumption of cannabis.

California was amazing. We learned so much and are thankful to Hopper for the invitation. Until next time! -SMO

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