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Lil Kinfoke Rock

Hey y'all! My Lil Kinfoke have always been my favorite fans. Their energy and innocence is contagious. I love to see kids having a great time with their families, and at an all ages SMO show, it is all about my Lil Kinfoke. I've been blessed to meet some of the kindest families over the years. People from all walks of life come to SMO shows and we all get to know each other as one big family. I have watched some of the Lil Kinfoke grow up to have a whole new generation of SMO fans. The kids are the heart and soul of what I do. They motivate me and inspire me to stay young and keep on giving a quality sound for the whole family. Keep it Kuntry, Lil Kinfoke!!

Here's a pic of me and some Lil Kinfoke at a mud show.


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