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Momma SMO’s Cookbook 😍

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved my momma's cooking. She has a gift. If she could rap the way she could cook, I would have some stiff competition! She's very talented in the kitchen.

Look at the cover of this cookbook!

This photo is from our family Thanksgiving a few years back! Momma makes sure that every holiday, everyone leaves stuffed! Now, I don't eat quite like my momma's cooking anymore, but I know she's still got it in her! Not a day goes by that she's not busy in the kitchen! The recipes are excellent for church events, holiday parties, and maybe someone brand new to the kitchen! It's easy to follow and the photos of her dishes will make your mouth water! It even includes her famous Quick Chick recipe! The cookbook is available today only at SMO*Mart!

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