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My Neighbors Know

It’s not hard to tell when someone has switched to a plant based lifestyle and our little neighbors know best. Here's my reason for being vegan:

I look at my neighbors a little differently these days. I used to see them as my next meal. The burger on the grill. The celebratory steak. Their existence was merely for what they could do for me. A commodity. A product. However, after changing to a plant-based lifestyle, I oddly found cows so relatable. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved cows, but I also loved to eat them. Even as a kid, I was so sad when I realized what our cows were sold for, but as most of us do as kids, I got over it and kept eating meat-for more than forty years.

-Photo taken in my side yard on the farm

When I first gave up meat, it had nothing to do with the animals really. It was for my health and to improve the way I felt. I've been plagued with acid reflux for my entire adult life, and let me tell you that after three days of not eating any animal products, I had no sign of reflux pain. You don't know how bad you feel until you suddenly feel better. After feeling that good, I couldn't turn back! Like my neighbors, I love to nibble on greens now too!!

It seems hard at first, but all you have to do is eliminate the following:

-Meat- (all kinds) yes, even chicken and fish

-Dairy- (YES, this includes CHEESE, BUT there are plenty of tasty plant-based cheeses available). It's easy to swap to a plant-based milk, whether it be a nut milk or oat milk. What's tricky with milk is that it’s added to a lot of foods. Check the labels to be sure!

-Eggs-I used to eat about 90 eggs each month just for breakfast. I would eat a three egg omelette with turkey sausage and a pile of cheese. There's no telling how many more eggs I ate in that month, but most definitely I was eating three eggs for breakfast every morning for A WHILE! So I understand giving up eggs is HARD, but Just Egg is a great substitute.

Just give it a try and see how you feel! All it takes is a few changes over time to change some bad habits. You can do it, Kinfoke!


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