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Old Dirt Road

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

One of my favorite songs of all time is Old Dirt Road, so when it was time to revisit my old catalog, I knew I wanted ODR to go on The Classics.

One line in particular is my favorite:

"Keep my mind focused

while I’m tryin' not to break’em

And when worries weigh me down I

pray to God to help me shake’em

It's a battle every day

and I am fightin’ for freedom

To have everlasting life in a beautiful kingdom"

I really wanted to record Old Dirt Road again because while I have changed exponentially from the young man I was then, the lyrics ring as true today as ever. Addiction is addiction. Struggle is struggle. Every single human being has something that causes pain or hurt for them. It's part of the experience in this bag of bones. I've had to dust off after some pretty humbling tumbles, and get back up ready to try again. And thank God I've been lucky enough to see the other side of some really dark days.

If you're going through a tough time, Kinfoke, reach out to someone you love and trust.

Just know that it can get better!

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1 comentario

Darcy Johnson
Darcy Johnson
11 ene 2022

Love this and rings so so true to so much going on!

Me gusta
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