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Pro Cannabis

My cannabis relationship started at a young age. Around ten years old, I started to experience extreme bouts with eczema. By the time I was twelve, it had taken over a large portion of my arms and legs. This was before the times when we talked about medicinal marijuana, and I wasn't really trying pot seeking a relief. My first time with Mary Jane was typical-older brother and his friends passed me the joint to take a puff.

However, I had not expected to experience what happened after I exhaled. Two years of pain, grief, and most of all the ITCHING paused briefly. For that moment, I experienced what no cortisone shot or hydrocortisone cream could do for me-instant and absolute relief. I don't know if it was the joy or the THC, but I ran around full of energy and excitement. I felt GOOD!

Now, BY NO MEANS do I encourage any child to try this. This is not my intention. My story is what happened to me and I would never guarantee anyone else the same result; however, since that day, I have sought after and advocated for the safe medicinal consumption of cannabis.

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