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On the Road Again!

Hey there, Kinfoke! This weekend SB and I went up to Maine for Barnstock 2022 and we had a blast. I’ll be doing a post about that soon!

I can’t thank you enough for the overwhelming support for the Health e-zine. I just scratched the surface with that issue and plan to be bringing you healthy content more often. Here’s a photo of what we packed for our travels. The airport food is expensive and often doesn’t provide healthy and fresh choices. We each grabbed a lunch box and with a little forethought and preparation, we traveled without a single hangry meltdown. On the right you’ll see I baked potatoes (420 degrees for 20-30 mins), Dr. Praeger’s Patties, and falafel bites. Along with fresh fruit, hummus, and a refillable water bottle, we were able to not only save money but also have nutritious food on our journey.

This tip works for car trips too! You save so much money and time without compromising your health when you take along your own cooler of food. Happy travels, Kinfoke! Stay happy, healthy, and hungry (for adventure)!


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