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Weight Loss Transformations!

If you've been following my story for awhile, you know that my wife and I have been working for years to lose weight. Over the past year especially we have made some really big changes. Three years ago we swapped the lifestyle we had known our whole lives to try something different and decided to go plant-based. Over time we got rid of the oil and gluten, and now it seems that along with a disciplined routine that keeps us active, we have finally found some real results.

Here's a look from Halloween 2016 to Halloween 2022. On the left I had already lost 100 pounds following my heart surgery in 2015. On the right, I'm now down a total of 210 pounds from where I first started my journey at 387 lbs.

My wife SB has also been working very hard to lose weight. In 2017, just a few weeks after the picture on the right, SB decided to make a change and started a calorie deprivation meal plan that taught her about appropriate portions and using food as fuel. Now five years later, she's down over 100 pounds and has never felt better!

I'm proud of our hard work and we hope that together we can inspire others that are wanting to make changes in their lives. Be sure to check out our recipes and tips and never hesitate to send me a chat if you have any questions!

Keep Rockin' Kinfoke!

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