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Grimace Shake Overnight Oats

What's up Kinfoke! I was piddling in the kitchen and snacking on an apple when I decided I wanted to eat more than the apple. I threw the apple in the food processor along with some blueberries, raisins, date syrup, shredded coconut, a banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and some oats. Oh, and some slivered almonds. MMMMmmmm.

Usually we eat the whole serving of oats, but this time I just tossed in about half of what we would typically eat (1/2 cup each).

It turned out purple! SB said it looked purple like the Grimace Shake, so that's why we named it that.

You may not know but I'm a huge horror fan. SB and I both share our love of horror and short films and we thought this would be fun to present to you...Happy Birthday Grimace!

(That picture is from the outtakes! Haha!)

Be sure to share your pictures of your oats with me! Hit the chat button on the home page!

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