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Vegan Pizza Night

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

There is one thing I will not give up and that’s PIZZA! But without using CHEESE, what do you do? It's easy! Now there are many plant-based cheese options. Some of my favorites are the Simple Truth brand at Kroger, Daiya, and Violife. Keep reading for how we made the gluten-free crust!

SB and I kicked it up a notch. We decided to try GLUTEN-FREE crust! Now, making pizza dough can already be a little tricky, but trying it with a whole new kind of flour created some challenges that we worked through. One thing is for sure, for a gluten-free, vegan crust with some elasticity, you'll definitely need to use xanthan gum.

We aren't very good about using exact measurements, but here's an idea of how we made the crust:

-cassava and nut flour mix (about two cups)

-packet of yeast in warm water (add a little maple syrup for sweetness)


-2 teaspoons xanthan gum

-warm water-add as needed to achieve desired consistency

-Bake on 400 until the dough is done and cheese is golden. Ours took about 15-20 mins.

We mixed it together and let it sit for 30 mins then mashed it out into the shape of pizza dough. Top with pizza sauce, plant-based cheese, and your favorite veggies!

It's a very "rustic" style pizza, but very tasty! Enjoy! -SMO


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