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I love milk! SB does too. Milk has been a staple in my family's diet my whole life. SB was raised around dairy cows and even milked cows in college. It's been tough to give up dairy, I can't lie to you. But now I understand why it's so hard to quit (go look up the protein casein and see what you find)! This new recipe has definitely helped me fix my hankering for milk.

Here's a quick little video of pointers for the easiest way to freeze your bananas.

Check it out!

Most people don't eat bananas at the right time. When they are speckled, they are ready.

While we prefer organic bananas, we have found that if we catch the reduced produce at the right time, we can get bananas for a steal. Last week we got 13 pounds of bananas for $7!

Once they're ripe, peel and slice into medallions. Lay out on parchment paper on a baking sheet and pop them in the freezer for at least an hour or until frozen. Then pop them off the paper and place them in a freezer bag for up to three months. This is perfect for smoothies and making banana milk. Enjoy!


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