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Candied Sweet Potatoes Recipe

What's Thanksgiving without the sides?! SB recently discovered purple sweet potatoes. Yes, she was watching a Netflix documentary again that mentioned the health benefits, and she had to try them. Of course, now she's hooked, and so am I! I've always loved sweet potatoes and the purple ones are amazing!

Vegan marshmallows are a rare find, and they are a TREAT. We don't eat these often, but they definitely added the warm cozy feeling of a sweet potato casserole fresh out of the oven! Careful with vegan marshmallows, they get kind of hard when they are in the oven to long.

We found the vegan marshamallows at Sprouts, but they can also be found online. You can find the purple sweet potatoes at Sprouts as well!

For the Thanksgiving Shopping List, click the button below.

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