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Momma Smo's Hello Dolly Overnight Oats

Hey there, Kinfoke! Momma Smo loved to make Miss Mandy’s Hello Dollies. Especially around the holidays. It’s Saturday, so we decided to have a morning treat. These oats are perfect for a long busy day because they are a lot heavier in fat than the other recipes I've been sharing. We have found oats are an excellent way to fuel for our workouts. Overnight oats are easy because they require no cooking, very little prep, and you can create so many flavors.

Hello Dolly Overnight Oats are the perfect way to get a good dose of fat in your breakfast, so you may want to limit this recipe to once or twice a week-on your busier days. We work out hard on Sundays, so we make sure to get quality fuel on Saturdays. Cacao adds antioxidants as well as great color and flavor. Mix your gluten free oats with cacao, hemp butter (or nut butter), shredded coconut, banana milk(click here for that recipe), maple syrup, and cinnamon. Try other add-ins like sunflower or pumpkin seeds or chopped nuts!

Adjust your ingredients depending on your needs. SB and I typically have the suggested serving of oats plus all the toppings, but make yours depending on your caloric requirements. Overnight oats are great for breakfast or even a meal on the go. These oats taste like Christmas in August.

Be sure to message the chat button and let me know what you think of this recipe!

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