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SB's Smoothie

Hey there, Kinfoke! SB here. I'm taking over the blog today to bring you my favorite smoothie recipes. I'm making it a goal to get a pound of greens a day. It sounds tough, but I've found drinking my greens is the easiest way to guarantee I get them in.

Here's one of my favorite combinations:

-Greens (collards, kale, radish)

-Frozen bananas

-Frozen pineapples

-Frozen cherries

-Frozen passionfruit

-Frozen dragonfruit

-Coconut Water (add filtered water to make smoother)

This photo is from when I first started adding greens to my smoothie. Now, I add at least four cups of greens! Just a tip, add the greens FIRST then all the other ingredients.

It's not really the prettiest smoothie, but it is absolutely delicious!

Make sure to hit the blend button a few times to make sure that the greens are good and blended up!

Smoothies are super easy to pack in a lunch bag and take them with you on the go! Try news blends and experiment with different add-ins for new flavors and health benfits.

Enjoy! -SB

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