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Vegan Anniversary!

2022 starts my third year on my vegan journey! I cannot believe it's already been three years. It's been interesting to see all the comments and criticisms made about my lifestyle change, but I have tried to take as many of those opportunities to share some inspiration and positivity along the way. My reason for changing-my health. After three days of a reprieve from what felt like a lifelong bout with acid reflux, I woke up to no pain. The relief was so inspiring, I could not stop. After about a month of not eating meat, my mindset started to change. I began to view my surroundings as a food dessert-void of anything with quality calories. Going out to eat became more difficult, gatherings with friends and family, everything changed.

The change created a challenge, but like with all adversity in my life, I decided to take on the challenge with a cheerful heart. I love to cook. Every meal became a cooking challege-how to create a favorite meal without the meat (and cheese and eggs). I ordered cookbooks, I watched countless hours of YouTube videos (remember, this was during 2020), and I planted a garden!

What I learned quickly:

  • Find the fruits and vegetables you like and eat those as much as you can!

  • We have just recently made the swap to organic, so do not feel overwhelmed and feel like you have to start with organic.

  • Wash your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home. This not only helps prevent spread germs, but your fruits and vegetables will already be ready to eat! When you buy it, bring it home and throw it on the counter still in the bag, you're already creating a roadblock for yourself. Wash it and have it on the counter to grab whenever.

  • Progress over perfection! Please know that in our first year or two of being vegan, we were fat vegans. We ate french fries, Impossible Whoppers (with no cheese or mayo), Taco Bell bean burritos, Gardein chick'n and "fish" sticks. Hell, OREOS are vegan (and there's even gluten free double stuft now...). What I'm saying is, start small.


  • BEEF

  • PORK


  • FISH


  • EGGS

I'll be dropping recipes for you to help you on your journey.

At any time, send a message to the chat! It goes directly to me and I can answer anything you may need!

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